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 Health Care Providers


Health Care Organizations around the world are struggling with the
challenges of:
a)  Providing quality Health Care to an increasing number of
      patients, while
b)  Trying to control Health Care costs
Annual Health Care Costs:
-  Canada:  $290B
-  US:          $2.9T



But even with good Health Care, a patient also needs to have good health behavior

- look after their own Health - in order to have good long-term health.

People are on their own, away from a Health Care Provider, 99.99% of the time.

But many people have poor health behavior:

a)  Do poor Self-Care (go for walks, take medication)

      -  Due to lack of self-motivation / self-discipline: poor attitude

      -  For example, poor medication adherence costs the U.S. $290B / year

b)  Poorly handle Mental Wellness episodes (anxiety; sadness)

      -  Due to poor reaction (behavior) to life events; inability to self-help

      -  Annual Mental health costs: US - $300B; Canada - $40B

c)  Lack of Health knowledge or inaccurate knowledge

      -  Inaccurate knowledge due to: fake news; commercial ads

      -  Leading to behavior that worsens one’s health


Health Care Providers can provide vFriends to patients who have significant health issues and who have less-than-good health behavior (who do not look after their health well).


            Health Care Providers and Organizations:

  • Family doctors
  • Medical specialists
  • Psychologists
  • Medical clinics
  • Hospitals


                       Health Conditions:

  •  Diabetes
  •  High blood pressure
  •  Mental health
  •  Heart disease
  •  And others





Wellness Service Providers


These are organizations who provide assistance to people who have wellness / well-being issues and challenges, such as:

    -  Employee wellness providers
    -  Fitness coaches
    -  Home care organizations
    -  Personal assistants
    -  Weight management / Dieticians
    -  Athletic therapy
    -  Mental wellness / Psychological well-being
    -  Meditation / Relaxation
    -  Life coaches


Annual Employee Wellness Industry Revenue:

-  Canada:  $2B

-  US:          $20B


Wellness Services include:

-  Creating Wellness Plans

-  Providing one-on-one coaching

-  Consulting at any time – usually by text messaging


The goal of Wellness Service Providers is to assist the client to:

   1)  Help them toward their wellness goals

   2)  Mold them to have good daily wellness





Annual Fitness Industry Revenue:

-  Canada:  $4.6B

-  US:          $36B


But most clients have difficulty with good wellness behavior. (If they had good wellness behavior, many would most likely would not need the services of a Provider.)  

Poor wellness behavior includes:

a)  Do poor Self-Care

      -  Due to lack of self-motivation / self-discipline

b)  Poorly handle mental wellness episodes, such as:

      being discouraged about lack of progress

      -  Due to poor ability to self-help; to overcome

c)  Lack of Wellness knowledge or incorrect


      -  Leading to behavior that does not improve



Wellness Service Providers can provide the vFriends to clients who want enhanced “wellness behavior” assistance.




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