Individual Users



Our VA System can also be used by individuals.

Many people carry out some form of self-help - for example:

   a)   Improve their physical fitness

   b)   Improve their mental wellness

   c)   Handle negative mental wellness episodes

   d)   Strive to achieve personal goals

They do this without the assistance of others.

They prefer it this way, or they don’t trust anyone else to

 help them, or they don’t have anyone to help them.


A person can use the VA App and VA System to assist them with self-help.

The VA App can help with:

    1.  Self-help assistance

    2.  Mental wellness assistance

    3.  Provide helpful information “at their fingertips”

    4.  Collecting data and information on the person, daily


The person will have access to their own VA Control Center:

     1.  View their collected data / information – to help with: 

           a)  Monitoring their progress

      b)  Self-motivation

      2.  Set up their VA App

   -  The person sets up their own VA App

   -  The process is straightforward


You are the only one who sees your data and sets up your VA App.

This provides maximum security and privacy for you.








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